Developed world to lead 2014 global growth

BNY Mellon Chief Economist Richard Hoey & Chief Global Markets Strategist Jack Malvey expect the lead engine for global growth in 2014 to be developed economies supported by aggressively easy monetary policy and continued post-financial crisis recovery.

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All shale US energy evolution

The US ‘shale revolution’ has re-started talk of the US achieving energy self-sufficiency. While this may be a pipe-dream, Robin Wehbé, portfolio manager and head of the natural resources research team at TBCAM , explains how investors are likely to see further evolution in the oil and gas industry in 2014.

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Local stories dominate EMD opportunities

What does 2014 have in store for emerging market debt? From the chances of continued volatility to areas of potential downgrade, BNY Mellon Investment Management explores the appeal of the asset class with Insight Pareto’s Colm McDonagh.

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Unconventional fix

Iain Stewart, who heads Newton’s Real Return team, expects policymakers will continue to walk a tightrope between generating economic growth at almost any cost, and maintaining real interest rates at low enough levels to service liabilities that are unprecedented in peacetime.

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