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The future of Libor?

Few benchmarks can have been subject to as much debate as Libor - the London Interbank Offered Rate. On 1 February 2014, after a series of regulatory interventions, the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) transferred oversight to the US Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) Benchmark Administration to provide a stronger governance framework.

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Reform matters

The Trump administration wants to radically alter the US regulatory landscape. Here, The Boston Company’s John Bailer argues that more pro-growth, pro-business policies would be positive for stock returns in 2018, but thinks even without them the outlook is bullish for US equities.

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The renewables revolution

The renewables sector is undergoing fundamental change, as investors consider a future without the support of government subsidies. Here Newton’s Paul Flood asks whether falling wind and solar costs could spur even greater investment in 2018.

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Focus on: high yield and global credit

Central bank monetary policy shifts, growth in electronic trading and evolving risk appetites all look set to be key themes for 2018. Here, managers from Insight and Mellon Capital consider the year ahead.

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Focus on: developed markets fixed income (Archived)

Ongoing central bank interventions, increased political risk and the potential for rising defaults all look set to be key themes for 2017. Here managers from Insight Investment and Standish ask the question: what could the next 12 months have in store for Fixed Income investors in developed market? 

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Focus on: emerging markets fixed income (Archived)

In 2016, tightening US monetary policy and collapsing commodity prices were something of a spanner in the works for emerging markets. Does 2017 offer better prospects for fixed income investors? Here, managers from Newton, Standish and Insight consider opportunities in the world’s emerging markets for the next year

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Globalisation meltdown (Archived)

De-globalisation trends are rife. As governments retrench to focus more domestically and political change continues unabated, Sinead Colton, head of investment strategy at Mellon Capital, discusses key milestones for the year ahead and what they might mean for global markets and investor expectations.

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Buyback or pay-out? (Archived)

The US is a market as known for its share buybacks as for its pay-outs. Here John Bailer, US equity income manager at The Boston Company , explores US dividend trends and looks at what income investors might expect in the year ahead. What headwinds do companies face in 2017?

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Liberté, égalité, Frexit? (Archived)

France’s unruly elections demonstrate how the sources of political risk facing the eurozone are shifting in 2017 from the European Union’s peripheral member states to those at its core.

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Unorthodox measures (Archived)

While many developed Western economies resorted to full blown monetary stimulus in the wake of the financial crisis, Asian countries have been more restrained in their policy response. Here, Douglas Reed, emerging markets strategist at Newton, asks whether 2016 could herald a change.

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Liquidity constraint (Archived)

With expected continued volatility and the implementation of further far-reaching financial regulations in the US and Europe, 2016 is likely to see liquidity remain on centre stage.

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Light at the end of the regulatory tunnel (Archived)

In May 2014, European Parliamentary elections could change the focus of the regulatory agenda, offering a silver lining for intermediaries. BNY Mellon Investment Management's head of product development, Gerald Rehn, reports on the key opportunities and concerns facing the European investment and advice industry.

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Light At The End Of The Tunnel