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Rinse and repeat… indefinitely

The story of the post-global financial crisis world has been one of crisis… response… improvement… complacency (CRIC), then repeat, says Iain Stewart, Real Return team, Newton. But can central banks ever break free from their stock response to financial economic stress?

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High risers

With valuations for US commercial real estate at all-time highs, a focus on first-lien debt and bridge loans could make sense for investors in search of attractive opportunities in 2018, says Sandeep Bordia, head of research and analytics, Amherst Capital Management.

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Focus on: Emerging market fixed income

As central banks continue their programme of policy normalisation, managers from Insight and Standish consider a crucial question: can EM debt continue to offer both high yields and attractive returns?

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Focus on: high yield and global credit

Central bank monetary policy shifts, growth in electronic trading and evolving risk appetites all look set to be key themes for 2018. Here, managers from Insight and Mellon Capital consider the year ahead.

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Onwards and upwards (Archived)

Increased state intervention – and the greater use by governments of the cheap funding available to the public sector – seems inevitable in 2017 and beyond, says Real Return team leader Iain Stewart. In the minds of policy makers, the transition from low interest rates to no interest rates and the shift from buying government debt (QE) to purchasing other assets appear to represent a logical and seamless progression of monetary policy.

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Focus on: developed markets fixed income (Archived)

Ongoing central bank interventions, increased political risk and the potential for rising defaults all look set to be key themes for 2017. Here managers from Insight Investment and Standish ask the question: what could the next 12 months have in store for Fixed Income investors in developed market? 

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 Developed Qanda

Focus on: emerging markets fixed income (Archived)

In 2016, tightening US monetary policy and collapsing commodity prices were something of a spanner in the works for emerging markets. Does 2017 offer better prospects for fixed income investors? Here, managers from Newton, Standish and Insight consider opportunities in the world’s emerging markets for the next year

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 Emerging Qanda

Focus on: global fixed income (Archived)

For sovereign corporate debt investors, 2016 offered its fair share of surprises – not least an unexpected vote for Brexit, a rancorous US election and a world of central bank-fuelled negative yields. But could 2017 offer more of the same? Here, fund managers from Insight Investment and Newton give their views on the likely opportunities and challenges over the next 12 months.

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 Global Qand A

Weathering adversity (Archived)

Russia defied expectations in 2015 with its response to the twin challenge of western sanctions and plunging oil prices. Here Standish’s Urban Larson and Insight’s Robert Simpson ask what’s in store for the country in the year ahead.

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Filling the funding gap (Archived)

The impact of ongoing regulatory change in the banking sector is just one factor likely to drive demand for non-bank lending in the year ahead. Here, Alcentra chief investment officer Paul Hatfield explores the latest market trends, investment opportunities and outlook for the sector in 2016.

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The last 'safe haven' (Archived)

Reversion to mean is a powerful force in markets. For many asset classes currently “priced to perfection” this would represent material losses in 2016. For inflation it could mean significant gains.

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The big issue (Archived)

Standish’s Raman Srivastava and Newton’s Khuram Sharih consider how increased issuance in 2016 will impact bond market volatility and appeal.

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GE109 The Big Issue

The cycle turns (Archived)

Rising volatility, increased leverage and escalating defaults all suggest a challenging backdrop for fixed income in 2016, but do recent data point to a credit cycle tipping point?

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GE120 The Cycle Turns

Liquidity constraint (Archived)

With expected continued volatility and the implementation of further far-reaching financial regulations in the US and Europe, 2016 is likely to see liquidity remain on centre stage.

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The waiting game (Archived)

Latin America’s leading economies are facing serious headwinds but with a raft of upcoming elections in the second half of the year there may be scope for optimism say Insight’s Colm McDonagh (head of emerging markets fixed income) and Rodica Glavan (emerging market fixed income portfolio manager).

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Across the spectrum (Archived)

Against a low interest rate backdrop, Paul Hatfield, chief investment officer and head of the Americas at Alcentra Group, explores the latest developments in the credit and loan market sector.

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Changing perspective on the ‘periphery’ (Archived)

Attitudes towards the ‘periphery’ of the eurozone have undergone a sea change, with government borrowing costs pushed to historic lows. While this stands in marked contrast to the height of eurozone crisis, Standish and Meriten examine the prospects for the asset class and its risks.

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Work in progress (Archived)

As global markets continue to reach for recovery, analysts are increasingly studying employment and wage figures and policies closely in their quest for meaningful indicators of the next fixed income trends.

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Local stories dominate EMD opportunities (Archived)

What does 2014 have in store for emerging market debt? From the chances of continued volatility to areas of potential downgrade, BNY Mellon Investment Management explores the appeal of the asset class with Insight Investment’s Colm McDonagh.

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Hong Kong

Standish sees revival in demand (Archived)

Standish sees increasing interest from investors in emerging markets debt (EMD). The sell-off in the summer of 2013 has helped to make EMD valuations more attractive, according to the fixed interest specialists.

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A time to be flexible (Archived)

Exposure to alternative assets, unloved areas and short durations are all ways bond investors might achieve returns in 2014, according to fund managers from Meriten and Insight Investment. Investors need to be acutely aware of how bond funds are being managed to ensure they are not overly vulnerable to liquidity shocks.

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