Q&A -Outlook 2016

Increasing divergence may yield opportunity

BNY Mellon Investment Management believes that great minds don’t always think alike, especially when it comes to the challenging business of looking into the future. We asked specialists from several of BNY Mellon’s investment boutiques what investors may expect from financial markets in 2016.

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GE108 Unorthodox Measures

Unorthodox measures

While many developed Western economies resorted to full blown monetary stimulus in the wake of the financial crisis, Asian countries have been more restrained in their policy response. Here, Douglas Reed, emerging markets strategist at Newton, asks whether 2016 could herald a change.

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GE120 The Cycle Turnsnew

The cycle turns

Rising volatility, increased leverage and escalating defaults all suggest a challenging backdrop for fixed income in 2016, but do recent data point to a credit cycle tipping point?

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Weathering Adversity

Weathering adversity

Russia defied expectations in 2015 with its response to the twin challenge of western sanctions and plunging oil prices. Here Standish’s Urban Larson and Insight’s Robert Simpson ask what’s in store for the country in the year ahead.

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Welcome to Markets

Welcome to Markets, a selection of forward-looking views from the investment experts at BNY Mellon’s investment boutiques. One thing is predictably certain –2016 is unlikely to be dull for global financial markets, with countless questions remaining unanswered. Here, our investment professionals address the prevailing challenges and opportunities within their particular specialisms and beyond. 

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CP16316 External Forces

External forces

UK plc looks set to remain vulnerable to external forces in 2016, with events in China the US and Europe all likely to be key. Here, Newton’s UK equity manager Paul Stephany looks at the impact of China’s commodity demand on UK ‘mega caps’; healthcare analyst Stephen Rowntree highlights the roadblocks posed by the US for UK pharma; while Newton’s strategist Peter Hensman outlines the potential trade impact of the forthcoming EU referendum.

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CP16250 Filling The Funding Gap (2)
Investment Strategy

Filling the funding gap

The impact of ongoing regulatory change in the banking sector is just one factor likely to drive demand for non-bank lending in the year ahead. Here, Alcentra chief investment officer Paul Hatfield explores the latest market trends, investment opportunities and outlook for the sector in 2016.

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Liquidity constraint

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Weathering adversity

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The last 'safe haven'

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Benefits of the campaign trail

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Japan's productivity paradox

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Retreating Poster

Retreating expectations

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The never-ending story

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